Catering Equipment Direct is a South African company in Pretoria, established in 1990 by Nick Sphongaras.

Catering Equipment Direct primarily deals in the manufacture and supply of refrigeration and catering equipment to the wholesale and retail market. Furthermore, it also provides maintenance and back-up services, as is necessary for bakeries, butcheries, supermarkets and industrial kitchens. Catering Equipment Direct services and supplies hotels, supermarkets, spaza shops, franchises, convenience stores, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, bakeries, butcheries and any business that might require a mess hall or staff kitchen. From a full outfitting of a supermarket to a local corner cafe Catering Equipment Direct, will be able to help you plan and provide all relevant equipment in a fast professional manner.

As Catering Equipment Direct is a growing and ever expanding business, they always aim to widen the range and variety of products and services that they offer. New deals are constantly being made with an ever increasing range of suppliers and overseas manufacturers which places Catering Equipment Direct in the international market. Examples of Catering Equipment Direct's growing range of products are the new range of air-conditioners and power generators currently for sale, meeting any additional needs our customers might have.

Catering Equipment Direct is truly a one-stop-shop for all your catering needs. Behind our showroom is the factory that manufactures numerous different refrigeration items. From high-back chillers, display delis, underbars and cold-rooms. All at very competitive prices, together with quality production. Besides manufacturing these items, our technicians also work on repairs for all catering equipment displayed on the site.


Catering Equipment Direct strives to provide high quality products and service to all its customers whilst increasing productivity and lowering operational costs.

Catering Equipment Direct endeavours to walk the extra mile with every customer by providing the best solutions and value for money, as well as offering an after-sales service and warrantee. In the event of something going wrong, our valued customers can have the peace of mind that Catering Equipment Direct will give it the attention it deserves. SERVICE OFFERING Electrical appliance repairs Refrigeration mechanical repairs & installations Cold- and freezer-room, underbar and deli manufacturing Design and layout of kitchen plans.