0.25kw Electric Biltong Slicer Mini 25ekm103

  • Original patent
  • Durable epoxy finish
  • Patented mouthpiece for safety
  • “Clear cut” cutting action
  • Slice width – 3mm
  • Hardened steel blade
  • Feeder included
  • 0.25kW electric motor
  • This is just the product you need to easily cut your biltong at home.
  • Mount the slicer to a table top or specially designed wall- or floor stand.
  • Just switch on and feed the biltong through the mouthpiece using the Electric Biltong Slicer Feeder for the last bit. While feeding, turn the biltong to ensure that any sinews are cut through. Do not touch the inside of the outlet, for the blade can cause serious injuries!
  • The feeder can be washed with warm soapy water. Make sure to switch off the slicer and remove the plug from the power supply before cleaning. Open the front cover by unscrewing the wing nuts. Clean the inside of the front cover, the wheel and between the wheel and back plate with a damp cloth or brush. Beware of the blade – it is sharp! Close the front cover securely with the wing nuts after cleaning.
  • The blades and feeders of all the slicers are replaceable.
  • Packed weight: 12 kg
  • Package dimensions: 400x270x350
  • WDA79
    Weight 8000 kg

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    0.25kw Electric Biltong Slicer Mini 25ekm103