Welcome to Wedoall where precision meets artistry in crafting exceptional catering equipment. Our range of meticulously manufactured products showcases the expertise of our highly skilled artisans, many of whom contribute to the handcrafted excellence that defines our production line.

*Diverse Equipment Range:*
From bain maries to table models, floor models, hot closets, sneeze guards, and beyond, we cover a vast array of catering equipment needs. Our commitment to quality extends to bar equipment, jockey stations, speed rails, carvery units, chip dumps and racks (heated and natural), condiment racks (standard and solid), Danish stands (standard steel and mild steel), fryers (floor and table models), and certified gas equipment.

*Certified Gas Equipment:*
Safety is paramount. That’s why our gas equipment is not only certified but also approved for its specific range, providing you with peace of mind in your kitchen.

*Tailored Boiling Tables and Grillers:*
Choose from straight or staggered boiling tables, table model grillers, floor model grillers, solid tops, floor model grillers, and the innovative design.

*Ice Storage, Pass Though Shelves, and More:*
Explore our ice storage bins, ice wells, stainless steel, pass though shelves, neutral heated service counters, and shelving systems in galvanized steel or stainless steel.

*Stainless Steel Excellence:*
Indulge in the durability and sophistication of stainless steel with our pot racks, sinks, verification prep bowls, pot bowls, combination bowls, hand wash basins, grease traps, combination bowls, mop sinks, and an array of table options – from splashback and plain to dish receiving tables, inlet and outlet tables, heavy-duty sausage tables, nylon cutting board tables, splashback tables, plain top tables, dish receiving sausage tables, and more.

*Stands, Trolleys, Dollies, and Shelves:*
Discover our stands for bain maries, dishwash stands, general stands, oven stands, gastronome trolleys, tea trolleys, dish clearing trolleys, dough mixing trolleys, dishwash rack trolleys, undershelves (galvanized or stainless steel), wall shelves (galvanized or stainless steel), cantilever shelves, microwave shelves, and pot shelves. Our comprehensive range caters to your every need.

At Wedoall we don’t just manufacture catering equipment; we craft culinary solutions. Elevate your kitchen with our handcrafted excellence today.

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