10inch Pleated Filter

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Surface Filters (Pleated Filters) are made in a thin sheet so that only the surface captures sediment particles. These are known in the market place as pleated filters� because of their accordion shaped pleated structure. The way the pleats are arranged gives the filter alot more surface area than normal polypropylene filters. One of their great advantages of a good pleated filter is that they are washable and reusable, more often in larger than smaller micron sizes.

To compare:

Polypropylene filters have more dirt holding capacity, and they are usually more effective if a variety of particle sediment sizes are being filtered at the same time. Pleated filters have a much larger surface area and therefore it has more capacity for filtering particles of the same size. It is also easier to manufacture pleated filters to a specific micron size other than its counter part the polypropylene filter. As stated, they can also be cleaned and reused. Pleated filters can make up for the lack of depth by providing a much larger filter surface area.

Which is the Best Sediment Filter to use?

The longest lasting most effective sediment filters use pleated polypropylene or cellulose and polyester, while inexpensive sediment filters use a wound or spun mesh nylon. Due to their larger surface area and low water resistance, Pleated Filters result in a low water pressure drop while providing higher flow rates and much greater filtration capacity than spun or string wound filters. Good Quality Pleated Filters can often be cleaned and re-used.

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10inch Pleated Filter

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