300mg Ozone (time Controlled) Ozoh

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  • Advantages High quality & long life Low voltage: 12VDC running LCD screen & touch screen Stable ozone output Smart & Low consumption Patent Design
  • Applications Living Room/Kitchen Toilet Office Car Fish/Meat Fruit/Vegetables Utensils Toys Other Applications Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable, also meats and Fishes: Kill bacteria, keep fresh, eliminate bad smell and reduce hormone Skincare beauty: Activation of skin cells, speckle removing, prevention of halitosis and tooth cavities, skin disease, and so on. For BABY: Disinfecting baby bottles, pacifiers, kill bacteria from baby toys, wash baby clothes. For PETS: Kill bacteria, eliminate bad odor of the pets houses; Make ozonated water for pets spa Air purifier: Kill bacteria, disinfecting, eliminate bad odor, especially in household and office area.
  • WDA47
    Weight 10000 kg

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