Crystal Hood-type Dishwasher – Digital Control Cry-crwd1000

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Features : 

  • AISI 304 stainless steel body and digital control panel.
  • Instant display of tank and boiler water temperatures.
  • 5 different washing programs, adjustable to 60-90-120-180-240 seconds.
  • 1 dishwashing basket with 3 liters of water consumption.
  • EPDM rubber hose substance conforming to Food Codex standards.
  • Effective washing results with a specially-designed washing and rinsing arms structure.
  • Optional drain pump.
  • Optional rinse aid and detergent dosing pumps.
  • Thanks to a specially-designed card technology, the rinsing process does
    not start before the boiler water temperature reaches 85°C.
  • This guarantees hygienic rinsing according to HACCP standards.
  • Automatic pause and resume feature when opening or closing the door.
  • 9 kW boiler heating element, 4,5 kW tank heating element.
  • The front cover allows easy technical service without moving/dragging the product around.

Hood-type dishwasher – digital control

Model  Crystal CRWD1000
Electricity  9.7kW, 380V, 3 Phase + N
Dimensions 610 x 730 x 1460mm high, 610 x 730 x 1950mm high (open)
Weight  95kg
Max glass height  380mm high
Cycle time  90 ~ 180 seconds
Cycles per hour  60
Hourly output  Up to 2000 glasses & Up to 1000 dishes
Basket dimensions  500 x 500mm
Baskets supplied  (1x) All Purpose / Plate Dish Rack, (1x) Open Bowl Dish Rack
Boiler capacity  12Lt
Wash tank capacity  35Lt
Wash tank temperature  55°C
Rinse temperature  80°C ~ 85°C
Order code CRY-CRWD1000
Weight 162000 kg

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Crystal Hood-type Dishwasher – Digital Control Cry-crwd1000

Availability: In stock